Character RulesEdit

The rules are very clear.

  • You may have up to two characters per person, due to confusion.
  • You can have up to 3 gates total. That means you can have 3 real gates, 3 fake gates, or any combination.
  • You may have 3 character specific abilities.
  • A character may not be older than 20 unless they come from the actual anime.

Bakugan RulesEdit

  • Bakugan may only have up to 400 Gs in the first season, 700 Gs in the second season, and 1000 Gs in the third season.
  • Bakugan can have any amount of attributes.
  • Clear Bakugan work as a normal Clear would.
  • Bakugan may have up to 40 abilities.
  • Transfer and subtraction abilities may only be up to 350 in the first season, 650 in the second season, and 950 in the third season.
  • Addition abilities may give up to 500 in the first season, 800 in the second season, and 1100 in the third season.
  • Multiplication and division abilities may only multiple by two or divide in half at most. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE.