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Cody is a Neathian guy, who is an Aquos brawler. He can sing very well, and is talented at playing the guitar as well. Of course, he also loves to battle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cody is 15 years old, but looks can be deceiving. You see a bit of anger in his eyes, but he has a big heart on the inside. He has black hair, and is often seen wearing a blue vest with a dark gray shirt. His eyes are blue, and he has a light skin-tone. Cody often wears a black belt, with a blue buckle, has blue fingerless gloves, and blue boots. He is often known as the Soul Brawler, mainly because he puts his heart and soul into battling. His Bakugan often listen to his commands, even if they are confused. He is very quick to think, which can sometimes lead to trouble. He is very friendly, and is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. He is the boyfriend of Jade Newmoon.


In Cody's past, his mother died unexpectedly, so his father took his anger out on him. His father often abused him, and created a scar on Cody's knee that he doesn't show anyone. Cody ran away on a dark, and stormy night, and found a cursed mask near a dying oak tree. He picked up the mask, and an evil personality arose inside him. However, Cody eventually destroyed his other half. Soon, Cody found his inner self with music, as he can sing very well, and was taught guitar by Jade. He soon went to work to perfect his brawling skills, and his music, and evolved his Vortex Dragonoid into Tornado Dragonoid.

Before RTW EvolutionEdit

Two years in the future, after Airzel's Strikeflier destroyed all Infernions, Cody was heartbroken, as Aquos Undertow, his Guardian, was destroyed as well. He transported to Gundalia, and met Aquos Krakix of which he made his new Guardian, along with Aquos Contestir. After transporting back to Neathia, Cody found that Sarah's Guardians were now "the Light Beings of Neathia," He wanted to try to go and see her, but an ominous force told him that evil was stirring around the ways.

Bakugan, and Gate CardsEdit

  • Aquos Krakix (Guardian)
  • Aquos Phosphos
  • Aquos Lythirus
  • Aquos Kawara
  • Aquos Tornado Dragonoid
  • Aquos Contestir
  • Aquos Undertow (Destroyed) (Former Guardian)


  • Solomon Enigma (Allows user to activate level 3 Battle Gear Ability)
  • Waterfall Surface (All Aquos Bakugan on the Field gain 1000 Gs and nullifies the opponent's next ability)
  • Neptunemes Judgement (All Bakugan that are not Aquos have their Gs decreased to 0)